How Complaining Rewires Your Brain


I read this article recently and thought it was SO INTERESTING!

Here’s the gist behind how excessive complaining rewires your brain:

“There’s something called “experience-dependent neuroplasticity,” which is the continuing creation and grouping of neuron connections in our brains that take place as a result of our life experiences.

Neuroscience teaches us that neurons that fire together, wire together. Donald Hebb, a Canadian neuropsychologist, coined that phrase back in 1949. What this means is that whenever we think a thought or have a feeling or physical sensation, thousands of neurons are triggered and they all get together to form a neural network.

With repetitive thinking, the brain learns to trigger the same neurons each time.

So, if you keep your mind looping on self-criticism, worries, and how nothing is working out for you, your mind will more easily find that part of your brain and will quickly assist you in thinking those same thoughts again.”

Crazy, right? So if we’ve gotten into the habit of dwelling on negative experiences/feelings then the next time something doesn’t go our way (like someone cuts you off in traffic, let’s say) our brain’s kneejerk reaction is not to let the incident slide, but for us to be negative and complain about it.

So what can we do to stop this negative cycle?

  1. Catch Yourself: When you notice yourself complaining, STOP IT and change the subject.
  2. Be Grateful: How can you complain and be grateful at the same time? You can’t! No matter the situation, find something to be grateful for. Someone cuts you off in traffic, be grateful you were alert while driving. Be grateful your favorite song just came on the radio.
  3. Put your energy elsewhere: Complaining is emotionally draining (it is to the people who have to hear it too), change that negative energy into something positive! Give compliments, say thank you, serve others, and laugh more!
  4. Breathe and meditate: There’s no doubt things will happen that annoy us, but take deep breaths while you’re in the situation and practice tips #2 and 3.

Once my friend was in a long line at the store. She was getting impatient and her initial reaction was to be grouchy with the clerk when it was her turn. Instead, she took a deep breath and noticed that the clerk was all alone in the store trying to assist many customers. She smiled and told the clerk she was doing a great job instead. The clerk perked right up and my friend felt better too!

At home, meditate  or do yoga to relieve stress. Writing in a gratitude journal is also helpful.

Just like your brain can get wired for negativity, we can rewire it to be more positive! I feel like in this world we live in, we definitely need more of that! I also want to be an example to my kids on being positive. Society tell us that it’s all about “ME” and if something doesn’t go my way, I have the right to complain and shout my frustrations. I want to make a different choice. I CHOOSE HAPPINESS and FINDING JOY IN THE JOURNEY EACH AND EVERY DAY!!


The Secret to Change

Do you ever think…. “If I could just be skinny I would be happier… or more confident?”.

That is how I used to think. I struggled really bad with my self-esteem and had very low confidence. I was also very unhappy…

I would try to lose weight all the time! Just fail time and time again. I would become desperate and try to find solutions that were quick fixes so that I could love myself. Just to become frustrated… quit… and hate myself even more.


Little did I know I was doing it all VERY WRONG!!! Those quick fixes will NOT bring happiness. The results are also only very short term.

It is all about overall HEALTH and getting the best nutrition possible and exercising. That is it! Yes it takes time— but it also lasts a lifetime and the rewards are so much greater! Many of you know that for 7 years I could not have children…. for the first time we are carrying a sweet little baby! I know that I HUGE FACTOR in that is the weight I lost (the healthiest way) and the lifestyle change that has come into my life!


It is through the PROCESS, the journey, that you find joy and learn to love yourself! NOT the end result. As you can see— my end result is much, much, different than I had expected!!


Yesterday, I started a new round of the 21 day fix with shakeology with my challengers. This is the program that has completely changed my life! I learned how to eat right. I learned the importance of counting nutrients that I put into my body instead of calories. I learned how to eat healthy without ever feeling deprived. I learned how to love exercising! AND most of all– I learned to love myself!

We start another group soon, and I want you to join us!! I want you to be able to create a lifestyle change that helps you to be happier and healthier for life! Comment below if you want more info or send me a message if you’re ready for change in your life!

These are the kinds of things I LOVE hearing from people in my challenge groups

  • “I am learning to eat healthier and don’t feel bloated anymore”
  • “I never thought I could even lose 10 lbs…. now I have lost 40!”
  • “I went from a XXL shirt to finally being able to just wear a Large!”
  • “I will forever love you and appreciate what you have done for me and my family!”
  • “I have always HATED exercising and now I love how it makes me feel and refuse to miss a day”
  • “I dont get migraines all the time anymore!”
  • “I have so much more energy and finally feel like a good mom and enjoy being one!”

–> THIS is why I coach!!! I do it for all of THEM!! ^^^^^

I also do it for me and my children because it helps me to also be healthier and happier, a better mom, and helps me to to contribute financially to our family.

If you have nutrition and fitness goals you want to reach. Please send me a message! I would love to help! We have another challenge group starting soon!


Embracing Mind Over Matter

13010900_10154089373902179_5698204627237739447_nYou’ve made the decision to start eating healthy and have even started an exercise program to really kick start your new lifestyle. Unfortunately for some, the excitement soon wears off and they find themselves up against a mental roadblock.  This road bock affects athletes at all stages of the game—from beginner to professional.  As soon as our body reaches that uncomfortable stage of a workout or lifestyle change, negative thoughts like “I can’t do this today!” creep in and rob us of that truly satisfying victory of “I finished!” Don’t let your mental roadblocks keep you from success! Your body can do amazing things—you just have to convince your mind.

Here are six tips to keep yourself mentally motivated. Remember “motivate the mind; the body will follow.”

  1. When you feel like quitting, think about why you started. What was your motivation to start eating healthy and working out? Was it your kids? To get rid of or alleviate the symptoms of poor health? Make a motivational board by collecting quotes and inspirational images and put it where you can see it daily. When you’re in the middle of a tough workout visualize this board to help you remember what you’re working towards.

2. When you wake up with determination, you go to bed with satisfaction. Before you go to bed each night, run through what you’re going to do the next day in your mind. Write it down or put it in your phone if you need to. If you have an especially tough workout coming up (It’s the dreaded leg day!) go through the workout in your mind the night before. Mentally preparing beforehand and giving yourself a little pregame pep talk (“this is going to be tough, but I can do it!) can have a calming effect and make it easier to accomplish the task.

3. Drown out the doubters! When you’re in the middle of sweating and feel like there’s no way you’re going to be able to do 1 more squat, let alone 5 more, it’s time to silence those doubts with music, a podcast, or an audio book. Different people have different preferences for what helps distract them. Find one that works for you. If music is your thing, you’ll be amazed how simply turning on an upbeat song can make you go from feeling like quitting to feeling like you can go for hours. Other people love the way a good podcast or audio book helps them zone out and focus on a good story so they can forget about what they’re physically doing.


4. Celebrate short term successes. Sure your long term goal might be to get healthy for your kids, but when you thought about quitting today during your workout or were tempted by a poor diet choice AND DIDN’T that deserves some bragging rights! Give yourself permission to brag about yourself on social media or to a friend when you feel like giving up but found a way to persevere. Challenge groups are a great way to share your successes with others and also provide opportunities for you to be a cheerleader for someone else too.

 5.  Change it up! Sometimes when your mind doesn’t want to cooperate with your workout, it may be a sign you need to add some variety or mix it up. If you typically workout indoors, find a way to bring it outside or change locations. If Tuesday is supposed to be yoga and you’re just not feeling it, work another part of your body instead. If you usually do certain workouts on certain days, try reversing it (i.e. Do Friday’s workout on Monday, Thursday’s work out on Tuesday, etc…).

6. Check your intensity. Finally, if you’re tiring out quickly into a workout take the intensity down a notch. It could be a sign you’re trying to do too much too soon. If the workout says you’re supposed to be doing a full push up, modify it by doing one on your knees instead. Remember that any exercise is better than no exercise and that deserves a celebration (see tip #4).