Keep Your Relationships F.I.T.

Just like maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle takes planning, motivation, and work, so do our relationships! Having healthy and F.I.T. relationships also take planning, motivation, and work. Today I’m going to specifically focus on our relationships with our spouses, but you could easily apply this to any relationship.

Sometimes we get so busy with our job (or your spouse’s job), the kids, activities, and just the general craziness of LIFE that our relationship with our spouse starts to become something to work on “if we have time”.

Replace that mentality of “if we have time” we’ll go on a date. Or “if we have time” we’ll sit down and eat together with this:

FIT relationship

Your time with your spouse should be focused. That means block out any other distractions! Turn your phones off, put the Pinterest project away, and yes, sometimes putting the distractions away means putting your kids to bed or getting a babysitter so you can FOCUS on each other. Not that your kids themselves are distractions, but sometimes the things they DO can be distracting (I know you know what I mean! Haha!)

13428013_912184022224865_7029498129471805276_nYour time with your spouse should be inspired. This can mean a lot of things, but to me it means you  plan and schedule  your date night (or afternoon, or lunch break), and  you both take into consideration what your spouse needs and what would best benefit your marriage at that given moment. This is your time to reconnected and grow closer to your spouse–for some of us, date only comes around once a week so don’t waste it!

Remember the biggest thing is your time together! Don’t get hung up on planning extravagant dates or stressed that it’s going to cost a lot of money. Carmen Rasmusen Herbert wrote in an article for the Deseret News: “If one of us (her or her spouse) comes into the kitchen and sees flour, butter, chocolate chips, and eggs sitting out by the mixer, we know it’s going to be a good night.”

Other inexpensive date nights include:

  • going on a picnic
  • make dinner for another couple (and vice versa)
  • Play a board game
  • Star Gaze
  • Go for a walk/hike
  • Go for a drive
  • Make your favorite treat and watch a movie at home
  • Work out together

great marriages

It’s never too late to turn your marriage into a F.I.T marriage! Start this week to plan and schedule your date night! And if your kids happen to come along on your date night, that’s okay! It’s good for them to see what a healthy relationship looks like. Just be sure to plan some date nights where you get your spouse to yourself!