Fun, Family Thanksgiving Traditions


You might already have some Thanksgiving traditions, but why not start some new ones with your family and friends this year!

Do a Service Project: While you’re waiting for the food to cook, or after dinner, take time to complete a service project. It’s the perfect way to show gratitude for all we’ve been blessed with. Some ideas could be: go on a family walk and pick up garbage along the road, tie blankets and donate them to a nursing home, make cards for soldiers serving overseas, rake leaves/shovel snow at a neighbor’s house…the project doesn’t have to take a lot of time or cost a lot of money. Brainstorm with your family this week to complete a project Thanksgiving day.

Gratitude Tablecloth: this is an tradition that keeps on getting better! Set the table with a plain cloth tablecloth and put a fabric marker by each plate. Have your guests write what they are grateful for this year (don’t forget to put your name and date by it!). Next year, get the tablecloth out again and keep adding to it. It will be so fun to look back to see what was written in year’s past.

Play Games Together: While you’re waiting for dinner to cook (or after) play games like Thanksgiving Bingo, charades, sing karaoke, and other board/card games. Go on a fall scavenger hunt.

Watch Family Movies: Nothing will get you feeling grateful for your friends and family more than watching old family videos! It’s a great time to reminisce with everyone together!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Are any of you starting new ones this year?


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