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KateAnderson-BeachBody-Coaches-54I grew up mostly eating things out of a can or box.  Most of the foods we ate were processed and unhealthy.  I had no idea how to eat good nutrition!  My parents always made sure to provide us with a dinner that had a vegetable available… but this girl refused to eat it.  I lived the first 26 years of my life basically eating processed foods and carbs!

After my metabolism slowed down I started to put on weight year after year, still eating the way I always did.  My self-esteem also dropped lower and lower as the years went on and the pounds came with it.

After 5 years of unsuccessful pregnancies, in July of 2014 I miscarried again (3rd baby lost).  After so many years of disappointment I started to hate my body more and more.  I hated that my body couldn’t do what a women’s body is meant to do.  I couldn’t have children, I couldn’t loose weight, I hated the way I looked, and I felt unlovable.

However, we were blessed with the opportunity to adopt 2 beautiful little babies in the year of 2014.  I decided that I wanted to have more energy, be happier, be healthier, and be an example to them!  I decided that I shouldn’t feel the way I did about my body (my body is a gift that I wanted so desperately in the premortal world and a gift that I received from a loving Heavenly Father).  I decided it was time to take control and change my life!!!  I started to do health and fitness challenges through Facebook, exercise daily, eat clean, drink Shakeology and work on my personal development.

After only a few months, my life completely changed!!  I lost weight for the first time, I felt healthy and strong, had less anxiety, less depression, more energy, less migraines, gained confidence, and started like ME for the first time!

I decided I wanted to help others do the same!! So in September of 2014 I signed up to be an independent Beachbody Coach.  I continued to change from the inside out as I did the daily things a coach does!  I continue to change each day of my life as I am influenced by so many wonderful people that I have the opportunity to coach!!  I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be a coach and for the friendships that have been built.  Being a coach has dramatically changed my life and my family’s life!

In the end of July 2015 we miscarried again and lost our 4th child.  Two months later, I found out that I had PCOS, a hypothyroid, COMPT Gene Mutation, and MTHFR Gene Mutations.  They are still currently trying to figure out what autoimmune disorder to diagnose me with, as well as figure out other things that are going on with my body.

There are days that I want to give up!!  Let’s face it- being a mom isnt easy! Trying to be the best mom you can for your children while dealing with anxiety, depression, and loss isnt always easy.  Being a mom without anxiety or depression… isnt easy!!  Trying to continue living a healthy lifestyle even though my body continues to fail me with the desires I have… isnt easy!  BUT I am DETERMINED to be as healthy and happy as I can for me and for my children!  So I am showing up every day, being the best mom I can, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle as much as I can despite the daily struggles and limitations.

My greatest desire-  is to help other women see that they are not alone!!! It is OKAY to feel like you are a complete mess when it comes to motherhood and womanhood.  It doesn’t make you a bad mom, a bad wife, or a bad woman.  It is OKAY to fall off the bandwagon sometimes with your nutrition and fitness.  As you show up every day and do your best, you will progress, you will reach your goals, your children will know that you love them, and the Lord will make up for the rest!

So here is to being REAL!  Here is to not being the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect woman, or the perfect coach.  I am here to share my journey and hopefully inspire, encourage, or uplift someone!

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