It’s not a number on the scale


It is a new month… so I have decided to weigh myself and then lock my scale up in the shop for 30 days.

Here is the thing…. I have been telling my challengers/clients for the last 2 years not to pay attention to the number on the scale. But rather to focus on their non-scale victories!

But I haven’t been doing this myself! I have been fixated on the number on this scale for my entire pregnancy worrying about not gaining enough or gaining too much weight… instead of just focusing on what I can control (eating healthy and exercising every day).

Today I decided it was time to break the habit of focusing on that number. That is not what is important! I want to be healthy and fit for my children. I want to have energy and not feel irritable and a lot of anxiety so I can be fun and present in the moment for my children. I want to feel good about who I am and feel like I have self control and can do anything. I want to live a healthy lifestyle so I can be active in my older years and involved in my grandchildren’s lives. The number on the scale is not one of my goals… it doesn’t drive us… it discourages us!

In a recent online poll, people shared their reason for being fit and healthy, and guess what? NONE of the answers had anything to do with the number on the scale. And all of them are pretty incredible:

Fitness has everything to do with body and mind. The endorphins and hormones that exercise produces does amazing things for sleep, mood, weight loss, sex life, and overall happiness. —Emily Steele, via Facebook

It’s being capable of doing whatever I set my mind to through patience, hard work, and determination. —Kelsey Arcocha, via Facebook

Having the ability to unleash your inner power at any given moment. Inner power is not just physical fitness, but mental fitness. Fitness abilities, physical and mental, make up the incredible individual that you are. —torin496b6c8d4

To me, fitness means discovering things I can do with my body that I’ve never been able to do before. —Calli Celine Allen, via Facebook

It means being able to physically do whatever I want to do. I’m 52 years old… and I’ve run almost 50 marathons and ultramarathons in the last 10 years, I still snowboard with my kids, I mountain bike, rock climb, do flips off the diving board, whatever I want. And I have no intention of slowing down. —Thom Patterson, via Facebook

It means being able to chase an evil toddler when you ask her to come here and she clearly decides “here” is in the opposite direction… it means being able to carry all 40 pounds of her like a Gronk heading for the end zone when she’s gone full shenanigans in public. —Holly Haddad, via Facebook

Fitness to me means being mentally and physically happy. I suffered from really bad anxiety but once I began running/working out I felt like it all melted away. —Tara Roy, via Facebook

Well, for me, it’s just being able to be emotionally stable. I don’t care to get my six-pack back. I just wanna be happy again. —Rebekah Marie Byrd, via Facebook

 It’s a sign that I am bettering myself from where I used to be, also it’s opening doors that I didn’t even know about in life. —Aaron Lassen, via Facebook

Being fit is eating healthy, exercising regularly, and being hygienic. But most important of all, no matter your weight or gender or appearance or habits or ability, being happy and comfortable with yourself. —ABCDBadwolf, via Facebook

So now my question for YOU is: What’s your reason for getting healthy and fit?


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