Staying Fit @ Family Functions


Labor Day weekend is coming up and for many of you that means one last HURRAH of summer. Families celebrate with BBQs, camping, or family trips over the long weekend. It’s a weekend meant to be relaxing and a time to take a break from the normal routine, but don’t let all your fun plans derail your health and fitness goals. Here a few tips to make sure you stay on track:

1. Prep Before You Go: Whether it’s a road trip or just a day at the park, bring your own healthy snacks and a reusable water bottle so you’re not tempted to stop  for junk food when you get hungry or thirsty. Almonds, apples, cheese sticks,  and boxes of raisins are all small enough to fit in a purse or day pack.

2. Fit in your fitness: When choosing a destination for your trip, see if your hotel offers a fitness room or pool to exercise in–then make sure to schedule a time to use it! Hiking with your family or walking around to explore the town or in the mountains are other great options for fitting in your exercise while on vacation.



3. Eat with Caution: When you’re eating out on vacation, look at portion sizes on the plates of the people around you. Are they huge?  If so, think about splitting an entree with someone or put half of it in a to-go box as soon as it comes so you don’t overeat. Many restaurants even have a “light” menu with entrees with fewer calories and made with cleaner ingredients. If you don’t see one, don’t be afraid to ask your server for some healthy suggestions.

4. Be The Example: At your next barbecue or camping trip be the one who brings the healthy side dish (remember, healthy doesn’t mean yucky) or the one to start up a game of kickball or volleyball with the group!  We can’t control what other people bring to the party, but you can eat a hamburger with all the veggies but without the white bun or mayo. Just do the best you can with the food options there are. When you’re hanging out together with friends or family, offer to grab someone else a water while you get yours or offer refill the veggies on their plates. For some healthy recipe ideas to take to your next family party or camping trip, browse through my RECIPE INDEX


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