DIY Olympic Backyard Games

backyard olympics

We’re in the middle of the 2016 Summer Olympics and I thought it might be fun to host our own backyard Olympics. This would make a fun activity for your next family night or just a fun way to end the summer before kids go back to school.  Playing family games like this is a great way to show children that being outside and being active is FUN rather than a chore to do. These games would also be a great way to teach kids about good sportsmanship and supporting their siblings and family members. The list of ideas was compiled from Pinterest and you can search there for even more ideas. I picked ones that were budget friendly and easy to set up (i.e. I didn’t have to buy new equipment to make it happen). If you have small kids, think about pairing a small child with an older one or a parent to work as a team.

Ideas for Olympic Game stations around the yard:

  • volleyball, badminton, croquet, kickball, baseball
  • 3 legged race
  • obstacle course (use objects to climb over, jump over, run around, balance on, etc..)
  • water balloon toss with blankets/towels



Other ideas for your family Olympics

If you really want to go all out, check out these printable event cards, banners, medals, and more!

FREE Olympic Printables


Olympic Rings fruit platter (You could use veggies too!)


Teach kids about Brazil, this year’s host of the Olympic Games!


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