Nashville or Bust! Coach Summit 2016

13872843_941963562580244_7641548942858413508_nI used to NEVER go anywhere without Levi. I hated doing things alone or doing new things. I REFUSED to do anything out of the norm and avoided going to large events where there is any socialization involved.

This is something that is way out of my comfort zone. However, I am growing in so many aspects of my life by being a coach!!

The 2016 Beachbody Coach Summit was in Nashville and I jumped at the change to attend with my fellow friends and coaches. We drove to Denver, boarded a plane, and off to Nashville we went!

I went to coach summit because last year it completely changed me!!  I went from someone who had no confidence, struggled to get out of bed every morning, feeling like I was not growing or becoming who I wanted to be, to being someone who lives each day with so much joy and purpose.  I became a better individual, mom, wife, coach and stronger in every aspect of my life!  I refuse to let moments that make me stronger pass me by!  

The best thing about summit is the unity that you feel as you are surrounded by THOUSANDS of people who are working on being stronger spiritually, mentally, and physically and helping others to do the same.  I love celebration night as we celebrate the transformations (inside and out) of our challengers!  This night is VERY SHOWY with small concerts, performers, fireworks, and transformation stories.   So much of my life and heart goes into helping my challengers to become happier, healthier and live more fulfilling lives!  It is so exciting to see the challenge winners win $20,000-$100,000 on stage and to see how much their lives have completely changed!  It makes all of the ups and downs of coaching that much more rewarding as we see how much it really can and does change lives!  The programs WORK!!  And I am here to make sure that you are able to get the results that you are looking for and will be there to support you and help you, not just for 30 days but for as long as you let me!

Being able to celebrate the successes of my team and other coaches and challengers is one of the main reasons I wanted to attend the summit. That’s what I love about this business! We’re not COMPETING against one another, we’re COMPLETING one another and able to cheer each other on. Everyone is so helpful to support one another and everyone wants you to succeed in your business.


And there’s just something about being around “your people”–Love being a mommy but I love that I get that break as a coach just to talk to adults, feel like I am making a difference, and spend time with like-minded people that build me up!!


While at the summit, I loved working out and getting the best fitness and nutrition tips from top trainers. They really know their stuff and now I get to pass that knowledge onto you!


So inspiring and neat to be a part of this summit! What an amazing night to see all of these amazing challengers with HUGE transformations. There are so many things in our lives that pop up that give us an excuse to not workout or not eat healthy, or not make a change in our life!! But the thing is…. those things are just… EXCUSES!  So many excuses are out there— Time, its just genetic, too tired, money, kids, work, etc. — Don’t let anything hold you back! Kick all the excuses to the curb and be the best you that you can be!


There is no way that I would have enjoyed a workout a couple years ago— let alone enjoy a workout while being in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy! But my team and my challengers helped me to be so much more motivated and accountable until it became part of my lifestyle. I love this lifestyle!!

And even though the summit was our main priority, coaches are just people too! We’re silly and we indulge in cheat meals every once and a while! One cheat meal won’t make you fat, just like one salad won’t make you skinny—it’s all about moderation and discipline. I couldn’t help but indulge in the world famous donut burger while I was here! (‘Cause you just can’t get one of those where I’m from!)

One of my favorite parts of the whole summit was when a lady who had cerebral palsy spoke to us.  Everyone told her everything she couldn’t do and would never be able to do.  She went through many challenges yet she continually proves the world wrong!  She walk, has a very successful career as a comedian and speaker, is married, takes care of herself, and lives a happy and fulfilling life despite her hardships and limitations.   It was powerful to watch her and listen to her!  If SHE CAN— ANYONE CAN reach any goal they desire!!!   WHY NOT YOU???  WHY NOT NOW???   if you want something— go get it!!  I believe that good desires are planted in our hearts and minds because we are meant to achieve them.  God would not plant those desires unless they were our potential.  We do not know the time it will take or how many hardships you will go through to get there, but you will get there!!   FIGHT for what you want.  WORK HARD, and be PATIENT in the process! 



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