Who’s Your Buddy?

Today’s post goes with last Thursdays post I wrote on having F.I.T. Relationships. You can read it HERE.


It’s easier to commit to a healthy and fit lifestyle if you recruit a buddy to do it with you. Having a workout partner makes it easier to commit to a program and make healthy decisions. You’re more likely to show up for your workout if you’re meeting someone to get it done. You’re more likely to choose healthy food options if you know you are accountable to someone else. This is why my challenge groups are so successful! We’re a group of people who may not live near each other, but are accountable to each other through daily online check-ins. Studies have shown that when you have consistent accountability, you’ll enjoy the actual exercise more and do it more often.

And an article I read from Intermountain Healthcare  goes perfectly with last week’s topic on having a healthy relationship with your spouse. Why choose between date night and working out? Working out together makes the perfect date night! There are so many benefits to having your spouse (or someone else in your household) as your workout buddy!



Your spouse knows you–so they know an excuse when they hear one! Your live-in buddy won’t let you get away with cheating on nutrition or skipping workouts! It’s also a lot easier not to be tempted to eat unhealthy meals if you’re both eating the same thing and have similar nutritional goals. You can even take turns cooking new healthy recipes for each other.

13445470_912689895507611_1805082329019166322_nA workout is usually a lot less expensive than dinner and a movie–and your location for your workout can change! Use the track at the high school, a hike in the mountains, or the front lawn of your own home!

Take turns choosing the workout, enjoy the friendly competition, and don’t be afraid to try new things! Go swimming, go dancing, stream a new workout online, and invite other couples to join in with you! A fun group date could be bringing a healthy picnic to the local park and playing a game of volleyball afterwards.




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