Weight Loss Plateaus and How to Push Past Them


After trying several exercise programs and not losing any weight, I was SO EXCITED when I found a program that actually worked for me and the pounds started coming off! However, it can be a bit discouraging when, after a while, the scale refuses to move any further. Hitting a weight loss plateau can be frustrating and mind boggling. You’re doing everything you’re supposed to, so why no change?

First of all, a weight loss plateau is totally normal and happen to many of us. So don’t stress! Here some tips for getting over those plateaus and happily on your way. This article was especially helpful, and I’ll share what I learned, so hopefully it will help you too!

Why we reach weight loss plateaus:

  • Your body might be adapting to your exercise routine, especially if you don’t vary it
  • As you begin to lose weight, your body thinks you’re going into “starvation mode” and will store fat for survival.

How to push past the plateau:

  • Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition! Be diligent in avoiding processed foods and “focus on eating quality protein, whole-grain carbs, and healthy high-fat foods, like nuts, avocado, and real dark chocolate. These foods take longer to digest, giving you sustained energy and helping to prevent insulin spikes. When insulin levels are normal, fat cells stop storing calories and are able to enter the bloodstream, making them available for your body to use.”


  • sleep
  • Being sleep deprived can mess up your hormones, which is connected to weight gain
  • Strength Train: Strength training keeps your metabolism up. Incorporate strength training into your fitness routine at least twice a week.
  • Vary your routine and kick up the intensity: Remember, we’re talking about weight plateaus that occur after you’ve already been exercising for a while. This means your body has adjusted to your routine and it’s time to turn it up a notch. “Especially if you’ve been doing the same workouts over and over, chances are your body can perform those exercises efficiently, which means it’s burning far less calories than when you started.”

The biggest thing to remember is not get discouraged or give up on yourself! It can be SO FRUSTRATING when we’re not seeing the results we want, but BE PATIENT and remember that this is a process and you’ve already come so far! Focus on how great you feel on the INSIDE rather than the number on the scale.



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