Interest vs. Commitment

Time?!?! Who has time for everything they need or want to do?

You only do the things that you have VALUE on!

Value the life you have been given. Take care of your body— it is the home for your spirit. As you take care of YOU, you will find you energy, focus and productivity increases and you will get more done!


13501560_922126297897304_733908349544374976_nToday was one of those days that I felt that I REALLY didn’t have time for my workout. However I am committed to 60 days of this program and determined to take care of me and this pregnancy!

I have decided to commit to a new program for 8 weeks!! My challengers and I have always gotten the best results when following a full program. They work!!! So why not do one while pregnant and just making adjustments and modifications where needed?! Instead of jumping from workouts with no real direction. I want to be healthy for my baby and I want toned legs and arms 😉 So I am committed to sticking to good nutrition for me and baby and sticking to the TurboFIRE program for 2 full months!! I will be making a few adjustments for my pregnancy and adding a bit of PiYo, water aerobics and walking. But I am so excited to do this program and determined to get through it while also listening to my body.


Message me if you want in our next challenge group with programs that provide results and to get motivation and accountability to help you reach your goals!


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