Finding the Courage to Start


As I talk to people around me about my own fitness journey, sometimes I hear this “That’s so great for you! I would love to do that BUT I’m too scared.” In my experience, most of us, when starting something new, are scared of one or more of the following:

  1. Being a beginner
  2. looking silly or awkward while doing it
  3. that it will be hard–physically or mentally

Guess what? It will be all three of those things! But don’t let your fears hold you back! Get out there and try new things! Remember, even Olympic athletes were beginners once. EVERYONE has to start at the beginning.  Go ahead and look silly while trying to learn the moves and after a while you won’t be a beginner anymore. And you won’t look silly or awkward either. For tips on staying motivated, read this post.

We can easily wish if things were a different way or say that “if…. then I would be happy”.

Stop wishing and start DOING what it takes to reach what you want!!! If you want to be healthy and fit– stop wishing you were different and start doing! If you wish you had more money– stop wishing and start doing.

If you think happiness well come because of those things that follow change… then start looking for joy NOW! Be happy NOW while you work on becoming a better version of yourself. You can find joy in the journey. Don’t wait until you reach those things to chose to be happy.

Choose now to be a DOER and choose now to be HAPPY!

Never give up despite your own limitations!

Here is the thing… I love workouts that totally kick my butt and feel well worth my time. However now almost ‪#‎19weekspregnant‬ I simply can’t do what I used to and have to modify things. I am listening to my body and I had to lower my weights for my leg workout today. I can either give up because of my limitations or keep going focusing on what I can control and what is best for my body.

Some of you have disorders, sicknesses, injuries, etc. that prevents you from doing what you wish you could do…. always remember that EVERYTHING counts!

Seriously you guys— stop giving up!!! It is typically just after we quit that something great would have happened.

If you knew that it would only be 10 more days before you reached your goal would you still quit? You never know when that breakthrough will happen!!

Be patient in the process!! it is through that PROCESS that the change really happens! Quick fixes— don’t stick!! It is all about the process and showing up every day and never giving up! That is what will CHANGE you permanently!

Don’t be afraid of getting uncomfortable! Don’t be scared of getting sweaty! Don’t be worried about how much weight you can lift or how many reps you can do. JUST GET OUT THERE!


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