What’s stopping you from changing?


Can we get real for a minute?  Whether it’s a new job, a new town, a new baby, or just something different than our norm, change is hard! There are so many unknowns when it comes to any kind of change in our lives and those unknowns can be scary. More than scary, change can be IS hard! It’s uncomfortable and requires us to adapt to our “new normal” This is why so many people don’t take the plunge into changing their lifestyles–change takes work!

Those first few minutes of a workout when I start to sweat and feel uncomfortable, yeah I’m tempted to quit. When I’m exhausted from my day and the last thing I want to do is cook a healthy dinner–the fast food drive thru starts to get tempting. Why? Because giving into temptation and quitting is easy!  It’s easy to say “This is too hard” and just stop. And I think some of that attitude comes from the world we live in. We’re used to things being “easy” and if anything takes extra effort we decided it’s not worth it. And even if sweating is uncomfortable and making a healthy meal takes a little more planning, nothing can beat the feeling of knowing I made a healthier choice for me and my family.  It’s like I’ve just had a little victory over temptation and I’m more empowered by it.


For example, sometimes things don’t workout the way you had planned. Kids woke up early… tempted to say “well no workout today” BUT I know that it is so important to exercise for my babies! so we put in a movie for Mr 3 year old and little sister joined me in a workout. Now I will be able to tackle my day with more joy, energy, and patience!

At 15 weeks pregnant, my knees are already getting loose and sore. So I did some low impact PiYo!! I thought this workout would be boring because I am such a cardio junky. But I love it!! And now it is so perfect for a low impact workout while pregnant so I can continue to tone my legs and arms!

So important to live a healthy lifestyle everyday. Especially now that I am preggo. This baby and my children are my biggest motivation! Let your children drive you for reaching health and fitness goals… instead of your excuse!




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