Why I Coach


Something that I don’t typically talk about much is our miscarriages…. but it has helped me to grow into the wife and mom that I am now!

I have always struggled with myself. My self-esteem has always been low and I have always struggled with some anxiety and depression. After my first couple miscarriages I got to where I hated myself more and more! I have very few pictures of my husband and I from the first 6 years of our marriage because I hated myself so badly that I would make sure to throw away or destroy any pictures that anyone took of me.

My husband would put his arms around my waist and instead of realizing that it was his way of always showing he loves me, I would get upset at him for touching my fat stomach. I struggled with letting him in… I hated myself, so now matter what he did to show that he loved me… I still felt like I was unlovable and didn’t fully appreciate all that he did.

After each miscarriage, it got harder and harder just to get out of bed each day. I lived my life with a fake smile. I wasn’t happy…. at all…

Then we were given the opportunity to receive 2 sweet little babies into our home. As soon as I held my sweet little newborn girl, I knew that I needed to change!! I needed to learn to live a more positive life! I needed to learn to love myself so that I could fully love and serve my children and husband! I became a coach! And it changed my life!! It gives me so much purpose to help other women to love themselves! It is so rewarding to hear a mom say that they finally have the energy to play with their children! It is so rewarding to hear someone say that they went from an XXL shirt to a L shirt and have learned to feel beautiful in the process.

But in addition to helping others, it gives me so much motivation and accountability to stick to my own health and fitness goals!! It helps me to be a better wife and mom! It is also so nice to not have to stress so much about finances or stress about having to take work off when my children are sick. I get to first be a mom!!! It has been a struggle to become a mom…. and I am so happy to finally be one!

Why do I coach?!? Because it helps me to be the best version of myself so that I can be better for my family and those around me! I want to be able to share this opportunity with you because I know that it can change your life too! If you’re interested in learning more and gathering information about coaching leave comment  here or send me a message via my Facebook page or crystalallredfitness@gmail.com

If you feel it is a great fit for you- Great!! I would love to mentor you and help you to build a successful business!!! It brings me so much joy to see the coaches on my team getting so much success and changing their lives! If you decide it isn’t a fit for you after looking at the info, that is totally okay too.



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