Staying Committed


beforeandafterIt is hard to watch people who decide to try and lose weight and try for a few weeks but then don’t see results quick enough to motivate them to continue and then they quit.

Here is the thing. I tried for YEARS to lose weight and never could….. after my 4th miscarriage I was pretty depressed, was very uncomfortable in my own skin. And made a choice to make a lifestyle change for good.

The thing is…. that first 21 days went by and I didn’t lose any weight!!! I was 2 lbs less than my beginning weigh in. I was discouraged because I showed up everyday and worked so hard and could have given up BUT I made a choice to make it a change for LIFE. So I continued in my journey. Within only 42 more days I ended up losing a total of 20 lbs.

I NEVER thought it would be possible for me to even lose 10 lbs. Now overall I have had a 30 lb weight loss and have kept it off for almost 2 years.

If you knew that it would only take 42 more days or a few more months to reach your goals that you thought would be unreachable… would you continue instead of giving up?!?!

What kept me on my journey? What helped me get those results for the first time?? I will tell you! —> challenge groups, shakeology, and a workout program and nutrition guide that WORKS. I finally am able to make it a lifestyle and feel better than ever before! The support is HUGE in these groups!!! You also have me as your coach every step of the way to help guide you and support you. You’ll keep yourself motivated by being accountable and sharing your journey with other members of the group who cheer each other on and are on their own journey to make a healthy lifestyle change.


I would love for you to join me in this lifestyle change! Send me a message on my facebook page or if you are ready to make a healthy lifestyle change.


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