The Truth about Me

Many of you may believe that it is easy for me to exercise. “She is a fitness coach– it just comes easy for her”. Truth is…. that its not!!! Every winter my toes get so cold (even while mostly being indoors) that they swell up, turn red, then purple, then some have black skin…. which turns to white, then peels off. I have a hard time wearing shoes. I have many days from my disorders that my body will have random pains and parts of my body will go tingly numb. I have days that depression hits, and the last thing I feel like doing is taking care of myself! BUT being a wife, a mom, and a coach keeps me accountable, motivated, and pushes me to do it anyway!!!

Eating doesn’t come easy either… Emotional eating can be very hard! I have days where I just want to devour everything in site in hopes that it will make everything a little better!

Some wonder why I coach??? It is for those women who have limitations too!! It is for those women who are struggling to find themselves or to find happiness… it is for those women who struggle with anxiety, depression, emotional eating, confidence, autoimmune disorders, loving themselves! I do it for THEM, I do it for my CHILDREN, I do it because it makes ME who I want to become!

I never thought I would be good at coaching….

– I don’t think of myself as being “super fit” and have to convince myself EVERY DAY to do my workout. How am I supposed to motivate others to do it?
– I struggle many days with eating.
– I didn’t post on social media EVER before becoming a coach. And didn’t really have any friends.
– I avoided talking to people at all cost because it was too hard to talk to them! How can I talk to people and possibly help them?
– I am way too introverted and shy

I told my own coach that I didn’t want to be a fitness coach around 5 times before I finally discovered it was exactly what I was supposed to do! And I will NEVER REGRET that decision!! What does coaching do?? It helps me to become the best person I can be!!! I have changed a lot the last couple of years. I am happier, more confident, healthier, more determined, and a better mom!

It is because I am so much happier that I share my journey all over social media. I want others to receive that change!

I would love to provide more information to you if coaching is something that you want to learn more about! I have a “What is Coaching Sneak Peak” happening February 16-18 that will also provide many answers for you. You can sign up for the event through Facebook HERE. This is a no-hassle way for you to get a behind the scenes look at what I do each day and how coaching works & benefits me and my family. Hope you join us!



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