Working On Me

working on me

Today was one of those days that I had some self doubt… as a leader my team cannot afford for me to ever lose my vision for goals, for my team, and for my challengers!!

I have found that one of the Biggest things in my life is to make sure that I find balance in pushing for goals but also taking time for ME!! It is so important to make that time to study for my personal and spiritual development, to exercise and eat good nutrition and to laugh with my children and husband.

So I took action to fix the problem and spent some of my afternoon (while children napped) and this evening just to read a personal development book and to ponder about the wonderful things in my life!!

Within a short moment your spirits can be lifted! I feel like have regrouped and am inspired again with even a bigger vision for my team!

When you are pushing for big things you can easily become discouraged by setbacks… but when you are constantly finding ways to lift your mind and spirit, you will continue to fly and reach big things.

I’m pretty lucky to get paid just to work on Me mentally, spiritually and physically…. coaching really is all about being the best YOU that you can be and helping others to do the same!!



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