What do you tell yourself?

So many times, especially as women we talk negatively about ourselves. We may jokingly say little remarks about ourselves that puts us down. Or we silently think things that puts down our self-worth. As we tell ourselves these things in our minds or out loud to other people we truly begin to believe that it is true to the point that many feel insignificant, not wanted, and unworthy of love.

Think about the things you tell yourself…. would you say those things to a child? Would you say those things to your mother? Do you think a child or your mom thinks of you the way you think of yourself?

Be kind to yourself!!!! Tell yourself you are lovable! Tell yourself you are beautiful! Tell yourself you are important! Tell yourself you are a good mom!! Don’t let your mind convince you otherwise!

For so many years the conversations in my head were very negative. I hated everything about my body! I felt like I was a TERRIBLE wife because I couldn’t give my husband children. I felt that I was completely unlovable! I let myself believe all of these lies that Satan wanted me to believe. However, I decided it was time to change those thoughts!! I started on my own health and fitness journey, working on my spiritual development, and working on my personal development. I found that little by little those words were finally starting to be silenced! Then I became a coach! You may be wondering what that has to do with learning to love yourself… but as a coach all I do EVERY DAY is work on my nutrition and fitness, work on reading things to increase my personal development, share my journey with other people, and I am surrounded by such POSITIVE, wonderful people in the coaching community that I am so blessed to be a part of! Being a coach, changes ME! It helps me to live a healthier and happier life!! I LOVE how it has changed me, and I love the purpose and satisfaction it brings into my life as I get to share my story with other people and in some way hopefully inspire them to change and help them to learn to be more positive and to silence those words in their head!

It probably sounds totally cliché but I really can say that I have never been happier in all of my life!! I want others to be able to find that joy, purpose and satisfaction in their life!

I had many people who wanted in 30 day Love Yourself Health and Fitness group that started today. I feel so bad that the group got too large and I couldn’t get everyone in. So I have decided to do another group this month that focuses on “Loving Yourself”! I would love for you to join us!! Are you ready to be healthy? Are you ready for change? Are you ready to be a happier person, wife, or mom? Do you want to Love yourself and feel comfortable in your skin? Apply for our next 30 day Challenge group (have one every month) here –>  https://callred.wufoo.com/forms/ca-health-fitness-challenger-goals-commitment/

Or Are you looking for change in your Life? Do you need accountability to live a healthy lifestyle for LIFE? Do you have a passion for Fitness, Nutrition, or Empowering Women? I am currently taking coaching applications. You can apply here and I will get you more information
—> https://callred.wufoo.com/f…/become-a-beachbody-coach-today/


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