Consistency and Reaching Weight Loss Goals


I have been at it for almost 2 years and I am still not where I need to be BUT through consistency I am getting healthier, stronger, and happier!! And results are THERE!!!! Often times we lose the patience in the process because we want the results to be immediate. But guess what…. IMMEDIATE = TEMPORARY!! You DO NOT want immediate!!!! You want consistent, daily, healthy behaviors that leads to feeling healthier and happier! It is all about a lifestyle change!

It wont happen in a day, or week, or even a month. But as you consistently show up- little by little- you will FEEL better and get closer to where you want to be!

Don’t give up when the results don,t come quick enough. Don,knt compare your results with other peoples results… use their results to inspire you!! Our bodies are all different and we all lose weight at different rates!

Join our Free groups for motivation and accountability to help you stick with it on the days you struggle! Again they are 100% free!! I do them because they keep me motivated and accountable and it is so fun to do this with friends!! Join here –> Next group starts March 27th!

Be consistent ya’ll! ❤


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