Sacrifices of being a mom?

Many may believe that in order to be a good mom you have to sacrifice everything in order to be there 100% for your children. We give up hobbies we love. We stop chasing our dreams so that we can help our spouse and children chase theirs! We stop taking care of us, because our focus is taking care of THEM!

BUT, for me– I dont want to see being a Mom as a “sacrifice”. I am not going to sacrifice who I am, what I enjoy, my hobbies, my talents, and taking care of me, in order to take care of my children. Yes my husband and children come first!! But this does not mean that we give up all of our dreams, stop developing our talents, never enjoy our hobbies, and stop taking care of us!

For me– being a mom is NOT A SACRIFICE!! It is a PRIVILEGE!! I love spending time with them, I love making them giggle, I love watching them grow! They are constantly teaching me and changing me! To me… that is NOT A SACRIFICE!! I want to show them by example what love is, how to serve and work hard, how to chase your dreams even when you fail, the importance of developing your talents, and how to find balance in your life!

It is through taking care of ME that I am finding I am better equipped to take care of my children and help my spouse and children chase their dreams!! It is through chasing my dreams that I believe I can be that example for my children! I want them to believe that anything is possible! SO that is why I am chasing BIG dreams!! This is why I continually work on developing new talents and working on my nutrition and fitness. I determined to make these dreams a reality for THEM!

Being an online coach and working on my own health and fitness- is far more than a job…. it is through this lifestyle that I am able to be better for my family!!!

I love this lifestyle!! I love how it helps me to be a better wife and mom! I love the opportunity to help other people and earn income while being home with my children! I LOVE this life! I am so blessed to be MOM!!! I never want to treat it like a sacrifice– and act stuck. I am pushing for dreams as an example to THEM! I am chasing my dreams so that I can better help them chase THEIR dreams! I am working on me so that I can be more patient, healthier, and happier for THEM!

Have you ever wanted to work from home? Do you want to feel successful and push for being better while still being a mom? Do you love fitness? OR are you wanting to focus on your own health and fitness journey? I am looking for more moms, dads and women to join our team! If you are ready to change lives, find more purpose in YOUR life, live a healthy lifestyle while getting paid for it, or just want more information about an opportunity to work from home as an online fitness coach.  Fill out this application and I will get you more information!



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