Getting Stronger for THEM!!

I feel kind of silly sharing this but here it goes….

So 2 months ago, Levi wasn’t around and I had a flat tire so I went to the shop to try and air up my tire so I could just get to town and get it fixed. However, I was too weak to open the HUGE garage door on his big shop. I cried, and cried out of frustration that I was too week to lift it and throw it up high enough so that it wouldn’t fall back down. Not only was I crying out of frustration… but I was also crying because the thought came to mind that if anything ever happened to Levi, I was far too weak to even take care of my family and the things that had to be done on the farm.

It became a new goal of mine that I wanted to get stronger for me and for my family! So I did 30 days of the 21 day fix and then started my first week of The Master’s Hammer and Chisel! With in just those 2 short months- I found a huge difference in my confidence. I found how wonderful the body is that was created for my spirit (I have always hated this body because it has not given me what I desire most (children) – But now I feel so blessed with what it CAN do!) I also have found that I am so much stronger!! I know that it is a lifestyle that I will need to continue to always work towards being healthy and fit. But it is a comfort to know that I am getting stronger so that I can take care of my family!

There comes a time in your life that you need to make a CHOICE to make CHANGE for you and for your family!  Even if you have desire to make a change for you, you need to do it for THEM!  Need support making this change and to get healthier, loose weight, or get stronger?  Join our next challenge group by filling out the application below.  I would love to coach you and help you make that change!



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