Morning as a Mom

Wake up, change peed on clothes and sheets. Listen to lots of cries and tantrums while I make breakfast. Change a soiled diaper and poopy underwear. Pick up messes EVERYWHERE, just in time to turn around and pick up another disaster. More crying…    –Tired and Stuck– NEED A BRAKE!
Wake up, Give hugs and kisses. Watch tiny little hands manipulate a spoon and grins on faces. Little Tummies Full. Clean bums with no sores. Traces of sweet little children EVERYWHERE! Dance, sing, laugh and be silly with children while cleaning up. Kiss little boo-boos and give/receive more hugs.     –overwhelmingly blessed

Both options are the exact same morning!! It is up to ME to choose how it went.

We can choose to see the negative about our current situation or the positive.  We can embrace our current identity or hate it and feel stuck.

We can learn to come to know who we are and be grateful and glad.  Your identity right now may be that sweet little mom with gunk all over your shirt, messy hair, and poop on your fingers from just taking off soiled little underwear…     Your identity may be beautiful little wrinkles and new gray hairs each day that you have earned.    Wherever you are currently as a woman, you are beautiful!  You are a daughter of God! And YOU have the choice to complain and feel stuck, or be grateful and glad!


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