How to INFLUENCE children?

I have been thinking a lot this week about how we can influence people- or how people have influenced me.

I have found that the people who have had the biggest impact and influence in my life, are those people that have built a strong connection with me and I have built a strong connection with them! You cannot influence people without connecting and working on the relationship. As I did my personal study this morning, I thought more about this…. as I think about the ones who have influenced me and impacted me the most, I think about my parents, my grandparents, my inlaws, my spouse, past yw leaders, good friends, my children, my Father in Heaven, and my Savior. They have been able to influence me because of the RELATIONSHIP!!

As we raise our children, it is my hope that I can influence my children and make an impact on their lives. I cannot influence them or guide them– if I am not continually building relationships with them and connecting with them at their level! It is so important as their mom to take time EVERY SINGLE DAY to play and laugh with them!!! It is so important that I get down on their level and give them eye contact whenever they talk to me, and I talk to them. I hope that I can influence them the way my parents influence me!

Also,the thoughts I have had this week have helped me focus more on the relationships that I have with my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. It is my responsibility to continually build a relationship with them on a daily basis in order for them to influence me in my life! They are there waiting… hoping that I will turn to them! It is my responsibility to improve that relationship! I have a testimony of them and know that they live but I know that I can ALWAYS improve my relationship with them!

(Picture taken by children… they think they have to push the button 😉  )


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