Change your Perspective!

This has been one of those stressful weeks. But if I let all of the daily hustle and stress get to me I have found that I am a less patient mom, more irritable wife, and not the person I want to be! However– if I sit back and look at things in a different perspective, I am instantly feeling peace and joy!

I have children crying and screaming frequently, a messy home that needs some serious attention, and so much to catch up on and do!! I feel like there is NO WAY I will get to everything I need to today.

BUT— when you look through a different lens.. You will see that I HAVE CHILDREN!!! I am blessed with the opportunity to hear little screams and cries in my home!! I get to finally have a silly, busy little toddler that just pooped in his underwear… I have a body that allows me to get things done!!! I can walk- I can run- I have hands that can carry children’s toys and messes. I have the sense of sight, hearing, and touch that allows me to see my beautiful children and husband, hear their wonderful voices, and feel their sweet embraces.

Change your perspective and it will completely change your day!!


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