How do you eat healthy when you are so busy throughout the week?

Thank goodness for Monday!! Had a busy afternoon… but it will make my entire week smooth sailing now! AND I got it all done during the kids’ nap time anyway! If your busy mom/work life is anything like mine… the kids what food IMMEDIATELY and it takes way to long to ever get to the point where mom can eat, so then you want to just grab the quickest thing available which is typically unhealthy!

On Saturdays, I like to Plan my Meals and get Groceries. Then Mondays I like to prep what I can for the week!! Have you ever noticed that when you are really hungry or busy, you typically just go for the quickest thing to eat?? Typically, for most people, that means they open the cupboard and grab something quick. Your healthiest foods are typically in the refrigerator!! But many of those foods need to be prepared.

SO I like to prepare my meals for the week!! This ensures that I get good nutrition into my body (and my children) so that I can reach my goals, and my children will eat more healthy foods!
Now I feel stress free and ready for the week!!!

Every 30 days I start a health and fitness group through Facebook focusing  on meal planning, meal prep, clean eating, portion sizes, getting into a workout routine, and most of all having a support of a GROUP!! These groups are really fun, and you really can get great results the RIGHT WAY (with exercise and good nutrition). If you are ready to go all in and would like support with your health and fitness goals just shoot me a message or comment below with your email OR fill out a Challenger application and I will email you more info!
I would love to help!!

OR if you are interested in helping others with their health and fitness journey… comment below that you are interested in working from home and leave your email and I will get back to you!


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