Why am I not Beautiful?

How often do you feel like you arent enough? How often do you focus on your weaknesses instead of your strengths? How often are you down because you hate things about your body? How often do you have a bad day because your sick of the way you feel about yourself?

A year ago, it was every single day for me!! I hated almost everything about me.. Now, it creeps in about once a week that I hate things about me. I want my sweet little daughter to feel pretty! To Love who she is and not worry about what other people think of her!
A year ago I started to do things differently… and it is changing me!! I hope that it will influence my daughter!

1- Show that your grateful for you body by taking care of it! Then you will begin to love your body… — eat good nutrition— exercise—

2- Read Personal Development EVERY DAY! — scriptures— talks on womanhood or motherhood— books on confidence— books like “Gifts of Imperfection”–

3- Keep a Journal or a small notebook where you list 1 thing each day that your body can do, a characteristic that you like about yourself, a strength, or something you believe your daughter loves about you!

It is a process to change your mindset, to feel beautiful, and to love yourself! But I also know that it is just that… a MINDSET… everyone is beautiful!!
What kind of things do you tell yourself?  What words are placed in your mind about you?  Or what words do you actually speak that are negative towards yourself?  Would you tell your daughter those kind of things about her?  Would tell your daughter that she is ugly, fat, insignificant, etc.?

You would NEVER speak to a child the way you speak to yourself!  Why do you speak to yourself that way?  Tell yourself kind things… even if you don’t believe it.  Tell yourself that you are beautiful until you do believe it!


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