Take Charge of Your Life!

As a young child I hated the way I looked. I hated the person I was. I was always trying to be someone else and didnt like me. I always struggled with a low self-esteem and low confidence. I was always stressed and depressed but didnt know it then! I would avoid people in school and just sit in the seminary building because it was the only place where I felt like I could be alone and safe. I would go to the McDonalds drive through and order 3 double cheeseburgers , 2 fries and a hotfudge Sunday. Then I would get 3 waters to pretend like I was ordering for more people than just me. I would sit in a parking lot somewhere and just eat to make me feel OK.
When I got married I always felt like I was unlovable. I hated when my husband would put his arms around me because I thought he was making fun of my fat stomach. I hated myself for not being able to give him children. I really struggled with him being stuck with me instead of someone wonderful…

After we got our 2 children from the foster system I decided it was time to learn to change my mindset and my lifestyle! I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to feel happy inside! I wanted to be confident and be an example to my children of what happiness, confidence and a healthy lifestyle looks like.

So, I started the 21 day fix, shakeology, and a health and fitness group. Within 1 month my energy raised and my depression and anxiety lessened. The 2nd month, I started to gain confidence, happiness, felt less bloated, rarely got migraines anymore, excited to get out of bed and get on with my day, and so motivated to continue to become a better wife, mother, and person.
Sense that time I have hosted many different challenge groups and workout programs in conjunction with shakeology! Now a year later, I like ME!! Despite another recent miscarriage, and finding many gene mutation and other disorders with my body… I am truly happy inside! I am confident. I am healthy! And I feel AMAZING!! I never even dreamed or knew that feeling like this in comparison to the way I was… was even possible!! I had no clue that normal felt this way! I will forever be grateful for this change!! Changing my fitness, nutrition, reading personal development every day, and drinking shakeology every day has COMPLETELY changed my life!!

Are you wanting to be healthier? Happier? Are you ready for a lifestyle change? I want to mentor you and help you receive that!!  I do groups each month so that you also get group motivation, accountability and support!  Fill out a Challenger Application if you would like more information and are ready to make a lifestyle change.

Challenger Application: https://callred.wufoo.com/forms/mxm18wz0fmmx20/


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