When someone asks “What do you do” You often hear many women describe what they do with almost an apology or as though their role is insignificant in comparison to someone who has a career “I am just a Mom” or “I am just a homemaker” or “I am just a stay-at-home mom”…. However, We need to be PROUD of what we do, and do our job with joy and energy!!

I thought… maybe it is just out of humility that we say that we are “just” a mom… BUT I have a mom and she was not “just” a mom to me!! After thinking about this… I REFUSE to use the word “just”. I am not “just” a mom. I am a care giver, teacher, example, friend, maid, and more. I spend every waking minute taking care of my children as well as many sleeping minutes where I am in a light sleep to listen for them. It is the only job where you work 24 hours a day. I am there when they are hungry, to change their poopy diapers, bath them, feed them, and make them as comfortable as possible. I ache for them when they are sick, and cry with them when they are hurt. I wash and put away countless loads of laundry each week to make sure they have clean clothes, blankets, and towels. I pick up toys, just to get destroyed minutes later sot hat I can happily clean them up again. I spend my day trying to make my children smile and/or laugh as much as possible, and give them as many hugs and kisses as I can. I get to be a part of their lives and often receive a humbling amount of affection from them in return!!

I never want a minute to go by that my children dont feel like I love them!! And hope to be at least half the mom my mom was for me. She was never “just” a mom… and I dont want to be “just” a mom!!

I cried and prayed for years that I would have the opportunity to be a mom. Now that I am, I will be PROUD of what I do and do it with joy and energy!


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