Naturally Skinny? Naturally Talented? Naturally a Good Mom?

I have been thinking a lot about the shame that most of us women and mom’s feel. We are constantly trying to be naturally beautiful, naturally talented, naturally a good mom, naturally skinny or fit, naturally a good cook, naturally a good housekeeper, etc. We are constantly trying to be good at what we do and what we precieve almost all other mothers or women to be naturally good at.

We constantly feel like we let our children down, our husbands down, and yourself down. We try so hard to appear like we got it all together. When really in reality everyone of us are just a HOT MESS!! Yes most of my meals are overcooked, I have piles of laundry, I am lucky to mop my kitchen floor once a month, my children are constantly crying, throwing a fit, screaming, or running away from us as we tell them to come. We feel so much shame when we yell at our kids, we feel terrible when we are constantly trying to correct behavior or prevent behavior instead of really enjoying our children.

Why do we feel like we have to be great at everything and don’t want to appear like we are working on being better? We are all just trying to do the best we can!! You are not the only one that is mess most of the time!! Dont compare yourself to other women!  Typically you only see their good days and your bad days.  We are ALL a hot mess!

Be kind to yourself!! You will be blessed for your efforts!


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