I Love to See the Temple!

Daddy has been gone for a few days. My kids are starting to get really confused and sad. Today My little boy kept saying “mommy I sad” Then he said “I need go Temple sooo bad”.

So what’s a mom to do?? Load up the kids and drive an hour to the nearest temple so we can just stand there and stare at it.

Our two sweet little children were sealed to us in this temple almost a year ago…  I will never forget that day!!  Our children went into a room made specially for children who come to the temple to be sealed to their family.  They left with grandmas to this room while my husband and I went into the dressing rooms to get dressed for the ceremony.  After I was dressed and was guided upstairs to the room my children were in, I felt so much peace and joy when I saw my babies dressed in white, sitting so quietly playing with little dolls that were dressed in white.  I havent ever seen my children look at me that way before.  I knew that they felt the spirit and that they felt as much joy and peace as I did!!

For over a year… I prayed that my babies would be sealed to a family for eternity that loved them!!  It didnt matter if it was their birth parents or us… I just wanted them to have an eternal family!!  I never thought the day would come that they would be mine!  No more rocking my babies and crying, wondering how I could ever give them up.  I NEVER will have to give them up now! What a blessing it is to be an eternal family!

It is amazing to me how a little 2 year old felt the spirit and peace so strongly when he was inside the temple… that he still remembers and longs to be there especially when he is sad!

How often do we go to the temple seeking answers, peace, joy, and to serve?  Do we go with a big DESIRE and Longing to be there?  I know that I often go knowing that I just need to… but I am not there with the same spirit and desire that this 2 year old has a longing and desire to be there!!

Today as we went to the temple just to stand and stare at it, it was so sweet to see my little ones as they looked at the temple and the angel on top.  After just a couple minutes I thought we were good to go.  As I loaded my children into the car, my 2 year old cried and cried as he said “No mommy, I didnt get see Jesus”.

I have a lot to learn from my babies!


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